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For over 15 years our certified arborist, Trey Perez (owner and operator of The Tree Guys), has crafted the art of listening to trees. Their surrounding flora speaks volume that can easily be missed by the casual observer, gardeners, and young arborists. The ability to know the healthiest choice for all parties, plants and their owners, and then deliver on his sage advice has made Trey something of a tree whisperer.

We hope you’ll take the time to look over all of the information on this page to better understand what “preservation through education” means.

Making the right cuts

The art to trimming a tree, whether for pruning or manicuring, is understanding the basic fundamentals of the objective. The rule book isn’t as long as it is wise in regards to listening to the basic needs of the tree at hand. Having a game plan, a safety system, and the right tools is all the artisan arborist then needs to begin work. While in the canopy there are often discoveries that may alter the plan and that’s when a seasoned arborist shows their talent.

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